Ready or Not, Here it is!

  I just completed a 1/2 day training seminar on using FACEBOOK to its full potential.  I didn’t even know that facebook HAD potential for anything other than as a social networking tool to keep track of people you don’t actually speak to on a regular basis and to see all the cute cat videos posted on You Tube.   I could not have been more wrong.   It would appear that facebook is quickly becoming the communication tool of the future.  As the (awesome) speaker at the seminar, Nicole Nicolay, said: “Some of your clients still want information on paper,  some want it in email, but the rest of the world is on facebook.”   

In terms of Real Estate here in Lake Oroville,  facebook is already being used in limited form by some of the real estate agents in town, but from what I learned yesterday, the agents that will succeed will be facebook pros!   I admit I am somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of information and all the tools available to someone who actually knows how to use them and I hear they are updating and changing features quite often to improve it even more.   If I can become proficient at even HALF of the stuff I learned yesterday before it all becomes obsolete, I will be happy.   I am actually pretty excited at the possibility of mastering this program and using it as a tool to educate my clients or provide above and beyond services as well as potentially getting new clients and making new connections with interesting people.  

I invite you, my readers, to find me on facebook and “LIKE” me, whatever that means……….