Rates continue to be stable. Time to buy!!!

Mortgage rates remained unchanged again this week according to the weekly update provided by Mission Hills Mortgage:
30 Year Conforming Fixed Rate 3.375% @ .750% points
15 Year Conforming Fixed Rate 2.750% @ 0.00% points
30 Year FHA Conforming Fixed Rate 3.250% @ Points Credit

These rates are very favorable to buyers right now, so whether it is a first home, an upgrade or an investment property, this is definately the time to buy. Close after January 1 and receive the full year of tax benefits!

Sellers need to be aware that the buyers are still out there and very active right now. The prices are not what they were, but thanks to the rates, the inventory is low, so the market is setting new prices daily. Now is the time to talk to a Real Estate Professional (like me!) who can answer your questions about buying or selling.