2012 Real Estate review

Well, it’s been quite a year here in the Oroville Real Estate market.  We have seen the foreclosure frenzy create some low prices that have not been seen in years and we have felt the devastating effects of homes gutted by the unhappy owners forced to leave or left vacant for too long to become the victims of looting.  We have seen multiple offers and learned some terms like the dreaded “short sale” and R.E.O.  As a Realtor, this year has been exceptional in a couple of ways.  First,  I am surprised and happy to report that there IS money out there and there are people who are not afraid to spend it on property.  That is important from a consumer confidence perspective.  Real Estate has always proven to be a good investment.  When you look at it like a comodity such as pork bellies, it makes sense that Real Estate would be a good bet.  After all, it’s the only thing we cannot readily make more of…… except in Hawaii and that takes a while.  The second important thing this market has taught me is that simply being in business is not good enough!  Real Estate professionals in this type of market need to be tougher, smarter and more flexible than ever.  I am so happy that I have  hooked my wagon to the Realty World train and to RW Best Realty in Oroville in particular.  Their commitment to technology and agent success has been an invaluable asset in these tenuous times.  With so much less business available and just about the same amount of people competing, every advantage helps.


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  1. Thanks for being part of our REALTY WORLD-Best Realty Family, Marie. I too, am glad, and fortunate, that you are part of our team. It is always a trepidacious thing to make the move to another office after being in one place for so long. I am thankful that made the move. Let’s see if we cannot find another quality person or two to join up with us in the coming year. The is not one doubt that we have the edge on the competition, not only WITH the tools we use to help our buyers and sellers accomplish their real estate goals, but because we actually correctly USE the tools that are available to us.

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