Use a local lender for buying success!

There are several reasons to use a local lender when making a home purchase, and by local, I mean a lender with an office in the area you are interested in. The main reason is that a local lender will be familiar with the types of properties available in the area and can better advise the buyer of any particular requirements necessary for the area. For instance: I had a client from the bay area who wanted to purchased a manufactured home on land in the foothills above Lake Oroville. They wanted to use a lender in San Jose who had helped them with their purchase there. We made the offer and received acceptance, but because the lender had no experience with a manufactured home that was not in a park of some kind, they denied the buyer the loan. We were able to get the buyer qualified with a local lender and complete the transaction within the escrow period. Another reason to go local with your lender is strictly for convenience sake. The local lenders know the local title companies and officers and can help to avoid delays by hand walking documents to the title company or the Realtor. Your purchase transaction should be a trinity consisting of your Realtor, your lender and the title officer. If everyone knows each other and have worked together before, the individual needs of each party can better be anticipated and fewer delays and problems occur. The ultimate goal being a smooth and seamless transaction. Hope this has been helpful. Stay tuned for more great tips.