A Beautiful Sight

lake oroville visitor center A recent field trip to the LAKE OROVILLE Visitor Center served as a reminder that we live in an area that has amazing history and natural beauty.

I find myself taking the surroundings for granted when going about my daily duties. I drive over the Green Bridge to show property, see the coast range across the valley every day on my way down the hill and brake often for the wild turkeys, deer and other critters that roam our area in abundance without thinking much about it. Today I saw it all as if for the first time again from the tower at the Lake Oroville Visitor Center.

Lake Oroville is a magnificent body of water and the dam is an amazing feat of engineering. The view stretches for 100 miles on a clear morning like today and the coast range is starkly visible as are the Forebay and Afterbay and the endless rice farms in the flat lands. A truly inspiring view that makes me so proud and happy to be living here. The phrase “stop and smell the roses” comes to mind and I decide it is vital to take some time once in a while to look around and be inspired all over again.

It is too easy to get caught up in the struggles of day to day living and forget where you are and why. I love the Lake Oroville area and I love, love, love the work I do in Real Estate. I am truly blessed to be where I am and doing what I love. I hope you all reading this are able to feel the same way about your place in this world.

Whether you are a buyer, a seller or just a happy resident or our special community.  You are fortunate to be surrounded by the natural beauty of Lake Oroville, California.

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