lake oroville visitor center    If you have been paying attention at all, you are aware of the rising prices of existing residential Real Estate here in the LAKE OROVILLE AREA, but a recent article in the Chico Enterprise record indicates that there is another sign that the Real Estate market is improving. Permit prices have now dropped to pre-recession levels making it more affordable to build new homes.

This is a significant savings for the commercial or residential developers, but it could also mean MORE $$$ IN YOUR POCKET if you own a piece of bare land and are thinking about or have begun the process of development. Even if you are not prepared to do the actual construction yet, you may want to consider taking out the necessary permits now if the project is not too far in the future. Most permits are good for a year or two and can be renewed for a nominal fee, so get those remodeling projects going or get busy on building that dream home because the LAKE OROVILLE REAL ESTATE MARKET IS MOVIN ON UP!